How To Avoid The Blind Inspector

Learn 7 Things You Must Know to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Home Inspector

Was Your Last Home Inspector Wearing Blinders?

  1. Hire An Inspector With Lots Of Experience:

It takes a full time Home Inspector hundreds of inspections to develop the eyes, ears, and nose for hunting down problems.  Be sure to ask how many inspections he/she performs annually and for how many years.  A quality home inspector does at least 350-500 annually.  Poor inspectors usually perform much less.  Conducting 500 inspections each year requires a renowned reputation and extensive referrals by prior clients, attorneys, lenders and others, so there is a much better chance that the inspector is not wearing blinders.

  1. Education and Training:

Being a contractor is very different from being a Professional Home Inspector.  Home Inspectors are responsible for evaluating all of the systems and components of the home, not just one aspect, such as the framing or the plumbing.

To be able to provide a competent evaluation of all of these elements, takes formal education and training that far exceeds the home inspector school course for licensing.  Being licensed isn’t nearly good enough to produce a comprehensive home inspection.

Comprehensive continuing education and technology training is a must 

Techcon Home Inspection Services’ Inspectors have that year after year.

  1. Advanced Technology:

Buying a home is an extraordinary investment.  So why would you want merely an ordinary inspection?  Some home inspectors think they are high tech if they use a computer and a moisture meter.

You know that you’re on your way to getting the best inspection if the inspector is using cutting edge technologies like Infrared Thermographic Scanning, which allows the inspector to “SEE” into the walls, floors, and ceilings of your new home.

New and improving technology such as this will uncover “hidden” signs of damage and potential problems that might otherwise go undetected in an “ordinary” inspection.

Don’t settle for the inspector with blinders on!

  1. Environmental Issues:

Most home inspectors cannot report and should not report on environmental issues because they lack the education and experience to do so.

Don’t let that cause you to accept an inferior inspection!

Techcon Home Inspection Services’ inspectors are trained Indoor Environmentalists and can report on environmental issues with authority.

  1. Mold:

NY State Licensed Home Inspectors are not permitted to state that there is mold in a house.  They may only suggest that a NY State Licensed Mold Assessor come to the house to inspect for mold.

Techcon Home Inspection Services’ Inspectors are NY State Licensed Mold Assessors and will report on any discovered mold conditions in the home.

Don’t settle for the inspector with blinders on!

  1. The Inspection Report:

Hand written reports are becoming a thing of the past.  A professional home inspector will provide at least a 25-50 page narrative report.  You should want the report to be written in plain English, not some “Inspector Jargon” that only the home inspector can understand.  A computer generated report with color photos should be preferred.

Some reports are “fancier” or “prettier” than others but that’s not what is important.  It is the content of the report with useful information that really matters most!

NY State Standards for Licensed Home Inspectors does not include anything more than a visual inspection.  No environmental issues, or mold issues, or Infrared Thermography are required.

So why settle for an ordinary report from an inspector with blinders on?

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  1. Ask To See What Other Home Buyers Have Said About The Inspector

Quality Professional Home Inspectors request feedback from their clients.  Professional Inspectors want to know what they are doing right, as well as what might need improvement, because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.  If the inspector can’t or won’t provide client reviews, he might be wearing blinders in more ways than one!

Techcon Home Inspection Services clients gladly provide their feedback and we’re happy to share them with you. Click the following link to See What Others Are Saying.

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