Which Home Insulation Type Is Right Choice For Your Home?

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Brought to you by Techcon Inspection Services With the imminent approach of dropping temperatures, many people reach for their sweaters as they run out the door. In a bittersweet farewell to summer, boats are hauled out of the water and taken in to be winterized. Wool sock purchases start to soar, and Instagram is filled again with pumpkin spice latte images. And, don’t forget those pet owners who dress their dogs in miniature rain jackets and scarves. It is officially fall. Often, in this Continue Reading ...

The Savvy Homeowner’s 5-Point Outdoor Winterization Checklist

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The article courtesy of Techcon Inspection Services As temperatures drop, you're reminded that Old Man Winter will soon rear his ugly head. Before the first flurries fly, it's important to take some winterization steps to ensure your home is ready for whatever the season brings.This five-point outdoor winterization checklist will help safeguard your home against winter's woes for another year.  1.  Inspect windows Inspect each window from the outside to see if any gaps or cracks are Continue Reading ...

5 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Home Projects You Can Do In A Day

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Brought to you by Techcon Inspection Services Do-it-yourself home projects are sweeping the nation, and it’s easy to see why. DIY is typically budget-friendly and fulfilling to complete; simply find the right project to match your skill set and needs.To get started, here are five (5) easy and inexpensive DIY home projects that can be tackled by any DIYer, each of which will have an impact on the entire home. 1. Make a hardware swap. Replacing your kitchen cabinets changes the entire Continue Reading ...

Two Areas You Can’t Afford To Miss In Your Roof Maintenance Activities

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Helpful information from friends at Techcon Inspection Services As summer gives way to changing colors and colder nights, now is an ideal time to tackle the necessary home maintenance projects that get put off during those sun-filled months – especially when it comes to one of the most protective and necessary aspects of any home, the roof. A much-needed roof maintenance sounds just about right this time of the year. Cold weather can aggravate a roof and quickly turn minor defects into Continue Reading ...

5 Myths About Home Solar Panels, Debunked!

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From your friends at Techcon Inspection Services!Home solar panels can drastically cut or even eliminate electricity bills, reduce a home’s carbon footprint, increase resale value, and may even help a home sell faster. The cost of rooftop solar systems has fallen dramatically in recent years, and most homeowners have the option of buying the system, leasing it on reasonable payment terms, or having a third-party pay for and install the system at no upfront cost at all for the homeowner. Continue Reading ...

Ready, Set, Guests: 3 Paint Projects for Fall Entertaining

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The article courtesy of Techcon Home Inspection Services!  “Despite the hectic chaos that comes with the back-to-school season and adapting our family schedules, I find fall to be the perfect time to tackle my home to-do list,” explains Cyndy Aldred, the do-it-yourself paint blogger behind The Creativity Exchange. “It’s perfect because fall is our favorite time of year for entertaining!” With kids in school and summer travels winding down, fall can be the perfect time to complete Continue Reading ...

Prevent Falls This Fall With A Home Safety Checklist

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Helpful information from Techcon Home Inspection Services! After months of sticky heat and humidity, it’s time to put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters because the autumn season is finally here. But, late September brings us more than just cooler temperatures and a wardrobe change. If you or a loved one are over the age of 65, the change in seasons is also an opportunity to think about another kind of fall — the kind that impacts one in four older Americans every year — and the Continue Reading ...

Replacing a Furnace? How to Choose an Energy-efficient System

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Helpful information from Techcon Home Inspection Services!  If it’s time to replace your furnace, you may be wondering if it’s worth the extra investment to buy an energy-efficient system. Or, you may be unsure how to choose an energy-efficient system for your home.  “Energy-efficient heating systems can substantially lower your fuel costs over the lifetime of the system, so it’s well worth investing the time and money to find just the right one,” says Chip Wade, HGTV(R) expert. Continue Reading ...

3 New Considerations When Choosing Your Next Garage Door

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Brought to you by Techcon Home Inspection Services!  If you’re buying a garage door this fall, you’ll be faced with several decisions that you likely never had to make before. Before you call your local garage door dealer to make that purchase, here are some of the new decisions that you need to face:  The Design Decision[caption id="attachment_1842" align="alignright" width="310"] Choose a door design that complements the home’s appearance.[/caption] Remember the old adage Continue Reading ...

5 Smart Technology Upgrades to Make the Bathroom the Brainiest Room in the House

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From your friends at Techcon Home Inspection Services! Smart technology has found a place in virtually every room in the home, even the one where we take care of our most low-tech needs. In fact, thanks to innovations like sensor-operated, self-cleaning toilets, moisture-sensing ventilation fans and digital shower controls, it’s possible to turn an ordinary bathroom into the brainiest room in the house. If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with the latest smart technology, here are Continue Reading ...