4 DIY Projects for Your First Home – Long Island Home Inspection

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"Where should I start?" It's a question many homeowners ask themselves. DIY is a great place to start for new homeowners. DIY projects are very versatile - they can easily be adapted to your skill level, budget and desired project. With a little extra time and creativity, you can transform your home. Take these steps from Long Island Home Inspection for your DIY projects. Other benefits to choosing a DIY project are that they are typically more cost-effective than the alternative and they Continue Reading ...

Tips For Planning A Kitchen Remodel

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4 Important Tips For Planning A Kitchen Remodel Kitchen upgrades can seem daunting. From full renovations to hardware updates, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your dream kitchen. To make the process as smooth as possible, Delta Faucet compiled key tips to keep in mind as you embark on the remodeling journey. Learn these quick guidelines from Long Island Home Inspection that will help you focus on the end result and ensure the overall experience is enjoyable. Storage Continue Reading ...

How To Save On Your Winter Energy Bills

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Easy DIY Tips To Save On Your Winter Energy Bills Here's what Americans have to look forward to this winter: While the south will be drier and warmer, the northern U.S. can expect "wetter, cooler conditions," predicts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "Regardless of the outlook, there is always some chance for extreme winter weather, so prepare now for what might come later this winter," says Mike Halpert, deputy director for NOAA's Climate Prediction Continue Reading ...

4 Easy Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home

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It’s late and you’re in your favorite, cozy pajamas. You get in bed and pull up the warm comforter. You turn out the light and are just about to drift off to sleep when you hear a noise coming from the attic. You sit up to listen, but it quickly goes quiet again. You lay back down and close your eyes, and just as you fall asleep, the noise is back, this time it’s coming from inside the wall. You have a visitor — an unwanted visitor. As much as we all enjoy our cozy homes, they are Continue Reading ...

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient This Winter

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4 Tips to Help Keep Your Home Warm, Comfortable and Energy Efficient This Winter – Long Island Home Inspection With winter comes the holiday season, a time that's supposed to be associated with "comfort and joy." Learn these tips from Long Island Home Inspection to make your home warm. But how joyful will it be if pests invade your house, or if your home is cold and drafty? Help stay warm all winter long by addressing factors like air leaks from gaps and cracks that can make your home Continue Reading ...

Get Fiscally Fit On Buying Your First Home

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New Year's Plan to Get Fiscally Fit on Buying Your First Home – Long Island Home Inspection So buying a new home tops your list of New Year's resolutions. Follow these steps from Long Island Home Inspection to get fiscally fit. As you picture the big moment - the one where you pull up to your dream home in your moving truck, sprint up and unlock your front door - you probably understand there's something you need to do first. You need to get your finances in shape. Just like those Continue Reading ...

What Homeowners Must Ask Remodelers

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4 Questions Smart Homeowners Must Ask Remodelers – Long Island Home Inspection If you're like millions of Americans, you're doing some sort of home improvement project within the next year. Have you thought about how you'll select your remodeler? Here are 4 questions to ask your remodeler from Long Island Home Inspection. Don't be wooed by beautiful before-and-after photos - they are created to grab your attention and impress you, but they don't tell the whole story. For example, Continue Reading ...

The Best Long Island Home Inspection Service

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The Best Long Island Home Inspection Service Many home buyers choose their home inspector by calling around to see who has the cheapest price. Choosing a home inspector based on a bargain basement price, however, is probably not the best idea. Check the best Long Island home inspection service. They offer the best home inspection. While this strategy can save money up front, it could end up costing a lot more money in the long run.  Home buyers entrust the home inspector with the job of Continue Reading ...

Four Tips For Home Sellers

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If you're looking to move, then you're probably preparing to sell the home you're currently in. Here are the Long Island Home Inspection tips for home sellers.It's quite likely that a home inspection will be a part of the selling process for you. In fact, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) researched and determined that almost four of every five homes sold in America had a home inspection prior to being sold. NAR has reported that 99% Continue Reading ...

7 Questions to Ask

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Long Island Home Inspection Guide Chances are, your home is the largest purchase you will ever make.  Because of the size of the investment, it is best practice to have a certified home inspector come and go through your potential home with a fine-toothed comb and give you the low down on any hidden quirks or repairs that need to be made.  Here are the Long Island Home Inspection guide questions that you need to ask during a home inspection.   When meeting with your home Continue Reading ...