Home Inspection Tips For Buyers

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A home inspection is the only thing that can guarantee you a good deal out of a house purchase. Almost all houses that are up for sale have a great look. The exterior will always have a fresh paint, the lawn trimmed and everything may seem just perfect. Do not let such simple things deceive you. When you make a decision to buy a home, you probably want to spend most of your time in this place. Before you make the purchase, it is your right to ensure that the house is in good condition and everything functions properly. You wouldn’t want to live in a house having a tick or termite infestations, would you? For such reasons, buyers home inspection is very important for every house purchase.

There are many companies offering home inspection services but not all of them are thorough in their work. For you to ensure that every aspect of your soon-to-be home is analyzed, you need to hire a company that has licensed contractors with very good reputations. The company also has to be acknowledged by the authorities. Licenced and well-trained home inspection experts have a keen eye even to the smallest details. With their help, you can be confident of getting a good home for your family. You can ask the people who live around for good recommendations of home inspection experts or go online and find a good company with excellent reviews. The home inspector will guide you through the house and point out any defects that may be present. However, it is also your duty to ensure everything is checked. Here are some vital home inspection tips for buyers that will guarantee a good deal out of a purchase.

1. The roof.

The roof is no doubt the most important thing in a house. This is one of the first things that you need to check during a home inspection. Have your home inspector go up and check if it is in good condition. You certainly do not want your roof to be blown off during storms. Make sure that it is also checked for leaks and rust.

2. Heating and air conditioning.

During some extreme weather, it can be uncomfortable staying in the house if the internal temperatures have been directly impacted by the environmental conditions. Heating and air conditioning should never be overlooked during a home inspection for buyers. Check that the ac and all heating appliances are functioning properly. This includes the furnace, water heaters, and even boilers.

3. Plumbing.

The plumbing networks of a good home also need to be in excellent condition. Water is very vital for any home and the way it is channeled in the house and discharged is very important. A malfunctioned plumbing system may cause contamination exposing you and your family to diseases and infections. Have the home inspector look keenly at the plumbing networks; let him assure you that they are well connected and wouldn’t cause problems anytime soon.

4. Carcinogens.

During the past two decades, cancer has become one of the deadliest conditions a person can have. It can affect anyone and it is also very expensive to treat. Caution should be taken to ensure that there is no trace of any carcinogen in the house. One common carcinogen in homes is lead which can be found in some paints. Radon gas is another common carcinogen in homes. Have your contractor look for traces of all carcinogens in the house.

5. Proof and paperwork.

During the inspection, make sure you take photos as proof of the defects. Also get the necessary paperwork from the inspection company. This can be a leverage for getting a lower price for the home.

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