Home Inspection Tips Sellers Should Not Ignore

Posted on: January 16, 2019 by in Blog
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Helpful information from your friends at Techcon Home Inspection Services!

A home inspection is the first-ever deal breaker in every home purchase process. As the seller, you certainly want to be as ready possible for your first buyer. The moment you’ve fixed all the arrangements and terms and set the price accordingly, the very last thing you want to happen is to go through a home inspection. Lucky you, if the buyer does not ask or request for an inspection. But if an expert is to give you some home inspection tips, you will surely agree that such a service will be beneficial to you.

Tips worthy to try

 home inspection tips for sellers

Among the most crucial home inspection tips for sellers, you will discover a home inspection before the home sale. This initiative can be a significant benefit with your willingness to fix the majority of the repairs. Going through a home inspection will take away the element of surprise on the part of the buyer. You surely wouldn’t want your buyer to get a shock when he sees leaks and all other damages in the property he is buying. Here are some new home inspection tips you may find helpful:

  1. Do your home inspection ahead. You may ask a friend or look for your home inspector to help you. One company you can trust is Techcon Inspection services. This firm boasts of a team of certified home inspectors.
  2. Go through your entire home and ensure all light bulbs are working. A lot of times, home inspectors think there is an electrical failure when it is just a very light problem with the bulb.
  3. Make sure that all fans, outlets, and lights are in perfect condition and no wires are exposed.  Should you find one, hire an electrician. Make sure you are hiring the licensed or professional electrician. Never attempt to fix the electric wires yourself.
  4. Clear out all the gutters. If you don’t do so, the inspector will have to make a recommendation to do the clearing out, and this can be a bit more expensive, and it may cause a delay with the sale.
  5. Go around the entire home and guarantee that there are no leaks in the under sinks, showers, and faucets.
  6. Make sure that all outlets in the bathroom and kitchen go through a ground fault circuit interpreter or the GFCI.
  7. Ensure that all windows are efficiently working and can be opened and closed quickly.

These and more are the tips for home inspection you should never take for granted. They are simple tips, but they can help you close that home sale.