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From your friends at Techcon Home Inspection Services!

Buying a home can be exciting. But sometimes, the excitement becomes risky especially when the home buyer tends to forget the essential things to know and do before making the purchase. One of the crucial elements a home buyer should always remember is a home inspection. Of course, you wouldn’t want to see problems in your newly-bought home–from the structure’s foundation up to the roots. Specifically, what needs inspection are the exterior, cooling, interiors, heating, attic, garage, roofing, and plumbing, among others.

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If this is your first time to go through a home inspection and the property you are buying is in New York, you are one fortunate homeowner. Techcon Inspection Services is here to inspect the issues as mentioned earlier (and even more) in your new home. Through the buyer inspection service, this leading home inspection company provides its customers a home inspection checklist to guarantee you worry-free life from the first day you move into our new place.

This firm gives you all the necessary systems inside your new home, how they operate and the current condition they all have. The systems also include their proper maintenance in the future. Here the essential elements you need to be inspected inside your home:

  1. The structural elements – Here, Techcon Inspection Services gives a full description of the structure’s condition; the cracked, broken or cut framing; the beams and roofs, if sagged; and the construction of the foundation, walls, and ceiling, if there is insect damage or a severe rot.
  2. The whole family’s safety – This home inspection company visually inspects and carefully looks for safety issue with plumbing, electric wiring, broken windows, HVAC systems, decks, porches, and railings, among others.

Interior plumbing – This firm makes sure that there are no leaks in the plumbing, or running toilets, and dripping faucets. This leading home inspection company ensures too that there are no water damages that are noticeable, moisture stains on the ceilings, windows or walls; or even physical indication or evidence of mold.

Cooling and heating system – This company visually inspects the HVAC’s condition, filters, and the operating mode system. More so, this home inspector service carefully looks for signs of impairment from insufficient maintenance or components that have already aged.

Basement: The company inspects very well if there are cracks in the walls of the foundation, and, if there is water intrusion that is bowing or if the floor is uneven.

Electrical System: You can be sure that your inspector carefully inspects the electrical panel, not to mention correctly checks your outlets. The firms professional home inspectors guarantee to carefully look too, for electrical wires in basements, garages, drop ceilings, attics, and crawlspaces, that are exposed.

These six are the buyer’s inspection services this firm efficiently delivers. If you want to know more of what this leading home inspection firm offers, browse through the page and see which service you need the most