What to Do Before, During and After a Home Inspection

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Making a home purchase is among the highest investment you can make in life. Hence, it is essential that you know very well every piece of information there is, about the property you’re buying. This is the reason why you should hire a home inspector — to assist and guarantee you of the right choice you are making when it comes to home buying.

What is a home inspection?

In this industry, a home inspection is defined as a restricted, non-aggressive assessment of a home’s condition, frequently in relation to a home sale. Typically, home inspections are administered by home inspectors who underwent rigid training, not to mention, certifications in order to effectively perform such an inspection. During the process, the inspector drafts a report and deliver its findings to the client. In this report, he describes the real and current home condition during the conduct of the inspection. However, it has no guarantee of the future condition, life expectancy, or even the efficiency of the home’s components or systems.

Whether you are a home buyer or a seller around New York, it is vital for you to know that there is one home inspection company you can trust and that is Techcon Inspection Services. Since it was established in 1986, this firm has dedicated its excellent services to its valued customers. As such, this company has rendered an impressive service to homes where it thoroughly examines the home being purchased, particularly its:

  • Attic, roofing, soffits, and fascias
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Appliances
  • Driveway, patios, and sidewalks
  • Electrical system
  • Structure, interior finishes, and siding
  • Basement, grading, drainage, and more


How much does a home inspection cost?

Ordinarily, home inspection costs roughly $300. This figure is computed though, for condo units. If you are dealing for a small home below 1,000 sq/ft., you only need around $200 for the home inspection expenses. For a big house with more than 2,000 sq/ft., $400 is the amount that you need to shell out.

How long will a home inspection take?

Like in any home inspection firm, Techcon Inspection Services sets no fixed time frame for its home inspection service. It still depends on the foundation of the home, its age, type, and size, not to mention its condition in general. However, averagely, it may take around two hours for a property inspection.

Before the home inspection

before the home inspection-Home Inspection

Before a home inspection is administered, make a thorough research on the home inspector you’re hiring. Certainly, it is so vital to know very well, each detail that’s related to the company that’s conducting the home inspection. Haven’t you found your home inspector yet, try the services of the Techcon Inspection Services. As mentioned earlier, this firm offers an array of excellent home inspection services that match both your preferences and needs.

During the home inspection

During the home inspection-Home Inspection

Every home inspection company including Techcon Inspection Services needs its client, the home buyer or seller to be present during the home inspection. Therefore, it is important that you take time to be there while the assessment is going on. Be sure that you follow the inspector you hired wherever he goes inside the home. Make sure too, that you know each and every single detail he tells and shows you–the items that need repair. During the inspection, it is not necessary to ask questions on the spot. But you have to write all your questions down to ask later after the inspection.

Ask questions during the inspection

Are you the one requesting for that home inspection? Then make sure to focus on the procedures. It is not enough that you are present physically. You need to be involved a lot with the inspection that’s going on. And the most important of all, make a careful observation and ask questions when needed.

Ask questions during the home inspection-Home Inspection

How bad is it?

The moment you inspector sees and traces the problems that need repair and he lets you know about it, ask the question, “How bad is it?” on the spot. Determine the level of danger the home currently is going through. Ask if the fixing can already be done by you alone. It is also important to ask how bad it is to do the fixing, or can it still be fixed later on?

What should we do with that?

Is it your first time to deal with a home inspector? If your answer is yes, it is then essential to know that in order to solve any issue, ask questions. By doing so, you can test the ability of your inspector, on top of his expertise, efficiency, and excellence You can measure your judgment on your hired home inspector’s worthiness, or if it is time to get the services of a different firm.

What would you fix?

Don’t ever feel hesitant to ask the inspector everything you need to know and want about your home. It is, in fact, his obligation to tell and show you each and every problem he has in his record, so long as they are within his inspection services’ scope. It is certainly essential that you ask the items that need to be fixed right away. What needs to undergo maintenance and replacement. Lastly, ask your home inspector guide and walk you through the entire property for a few more minutes so you can clearly see everything.

Can you show me how (x) works?

Always bear in mind that a home inspection service like what Techcon Inspection Services offers does not necessarily mean tracing and documenting everything, as in, 100% inside the home that needs to be fixed. However, it may mean guidance, as well–in every system and all the things inside the property — how they are operated and how they work. You can be sure that Techcon Inspection Services can be sure to give you all the detailed procedures–the how-tos of operating the mechanisms like dishwasher, thermostat, stove, emergency shutoffs, and more.

How much time is left in (x)?

The one person who can tell you how much time is left is your hired home inspector. Commonly, he derives his answer in terms of the remaining time, from his report findings. And as soon as he presents the report to you, the time depends still, on the damage level that requires fixes and repairs.

After the inspection


Upon completion of the home inspection service, you’re all set for the next move. It is whether to hire a home inspector or delay the fixing. Better yet, try the services of the Techcon Inspection Services. The decision is for you as the home seller or buyer to make. This firm has a lot to offer. You can be sure you’re dealing with skilled inspectors if you hire this said company.